We are your trusted destination for comprehensive television services designed to keep you connected to your favourite shows and films.

💡 Backlight Repairs: Is your screen dim or unevenly lit? We can fix backlight issues, ensuring a vibrant and clear display.

🔧 Mainboard Replacements: Facing issues with the central brain of your TV? We provide efficient mainboard replacements to restore functionality.

Power Supply Issues: If your TV won't turn on or experiences power fluctuations, we are skilled in diagnosing and fixing power supply issues.

🔄 Firmware Upgrades: Stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Our firmware upgrades ensure your TV operates at its best.

📺 Sales and Installations: Looking for a new TV? We offer a range of quality products and seamless installations for an enhanced viewing experience.

🛠️ Freesat and Freeview Drive Recorder Repairs, Sales, and Installations: Enjoy uninterrupted TV recording with our services for Freesat and Freeview drive recorders.

🔥 Upgrades to Non-Smart TVs via Firestick or Roku Devices: Transform your non-smart TV into a smart hub. We offer hassle-free upgrades using Firestick or Roku devices.

At CGTV Technologies, we're dedicated to providing reliable and personalised TV solutions. Contact us today for a viewing experience that exceeds expectations!