We are your premier destination for top-notch IT repairs and cutting-edge sales services. At CGTV Technologies, we understand the crucial role technology plays in your life, and we're dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that ensure your devices run seamlessly.

🔍 Data Retrieval: Lost important files? We specialise in retrieving your valuable data promptly and securely.

📺 Screen Replacements: Cracked screen? No worries! We provide quick and efficient screen replacements to keep your devices looking and functioning like new.

🦠 Virus Removal: Is your computer playing up? We will eliminate viruses and malware, restoring your system's performance and security.

⬆️ Upgrades: Boost your device's capabilities with our tailored upgrade solutions. Stay current and maximise your tech's potential.

🔧 Motherboard Repairs: Facing hardware issues? Trust us to diagnose and repair motherboard problems efficiently, ensuring your devices run smoothly.

💾 Data Backup: Safeguard your precious data with our reliable backup solutions. Don't risk losing important information.

💼 Sales and Installations: Looking for new tech? We offer quality products and seamless installations for a hassle-free experience.

💻 Software Issues: Experiencing glitches? We are ready to resolve any software-related problems, ensuring optimal performance.

We are dedicated to providing reliable and personalised IT solutions. Contact us today for a tech-savvy experience tailored to your needs!